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More than merely a dwelling, condominiums have, to many, been a symbol of a lifestyle, and of homeowners’ aspirations. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, causing disruptions to not only the economy, but also our daily lives, the private residential market continued to thrive. The phenomenon may be a befuddling one to some, but perhaps it goes to show how homes have, more than ever, taken the central stage in our daily lives.


With the prevalence of work-from-home arrangements, many are placing a greater emphasis on ensuring that they are able to, in their residence, carve out a space that would be conducive for work, while also fulfilling their lifestyle needs. Private residential properties thus provide a sanctuary for homeowners, where they could rejuvenate themselves and seek a respite from the fatigue of daily life— particularly amidst the pandemic.


Of course, the viability of private residential properties as an investment asset is a crucial factor that has contributed to the buoyancy of the market. This has in turn, given home investors confidence in the private property market.


While there are condominiums that are of a premium pricing, condominiums tend to be more affordable than landed properties. Hence, it could be easier for you to enter the market. Relishing a luxurious lifestyle does not have to be a fantasy.


Security checks are integral to providing condominium residents the assurance of their safety, as well as privacy. In addition, residents could also access a comprehensive range of facilities. This would provide them exceptional convenience within the comforts of their residences.


Condominiums are likely to bring about significant capital appreciation. As such, they are an asset class that you might want to add to your investment portfolio. Homeowners could possibly reap greater profits from the sale of a private property, as compared to that of a HDB flat.


With the prices of private property consistently on the surge, you could make a foray into the private residential market, to further your real estate investment journey. That said, while the outlook of the private property market remains optimistic, making such an investment is not without its risks.


By employing The S.A.F.E Method, you could leverage opportunities within the private residential market while minimising the level of risk involved.

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