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Does the process of buying or selling a property seem complicated to you? Are you worried that you would overlook a key area of consideration, or procedure in the transaction process?


Fret not! We have come up with a property roadmap checklist, which details the different stages and actions involved. This would provide you greater clarity on the overall process, allowing for a seamless and simple property transaction.


The property roadmap checklist would allow you to easily navigate the different property-related services. Equipped with this tool, you can leave no stone unturned, in charting your long-term property investment journey. While there is a level of risk, property investments are not all that daunting. Besides, we are here to help you!


Our team has gone through rigorous training, so we can provide you advice and tips that would prove efficacious in allowing you to achieve your goals.


Conceived as a guide for homebuyers and property investors, particularly in view of the restrictions imposed on face-to-face discussions due to Covid-19, The S.A.F.E Method delineates the different components of one’s property investment journey.


We strive to eliminate the barriers to property investments, empowering not only dedicated home investors, but also homeowners, in taking charge of their property investment journey. We believe it is vital that homeowners and home investors alike, are able to, through the simplified and transparent process, make decisions that would be the most fitting for their property goals. The S.A.F.E Method has therefore been of fundamental importance, in enabling us to facilitate numerous clients in their property investment journey.


Around 100 real estate agents have employed The S.A.F.E Method in assisting their clients through every step of their property transactions. You can, too, leverage The S.A.F.E Method, to determine your course of action.



It is essential to, first and foremost, have a safety net that would bolster your financial health, as you embark on your property investment journey. This would also put you in good stead, as you work towards acquiring your desired home or investment asset.



The potential capital appreciation which a particular property is likely to give rise to, would be pivotal to your property investment journey. Hence, you would have to delve into a detailed analysis of the various properties, to make an informed decision that would allow you to grow your wealth.



The financial stress test is the cornerstone of your property investment journey. It would ensure that your property investments are aligned with your particular financial needs and situation. As such, you could rest assured that your property investments would be viable.



“Time and tide waits for no man” may appear to be a trite saying, but it nonetheless underscores the critical importance of timing. When— and how— should you enter and exit the market? Studying the property market would allow you to capitalise on the opportunities available, in growing your investments.

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